Destroy our enemies….Obama Speak

liar 450 060909a 150x150 Destroy our enemies....Obama SpeakFormer Navy Seal Chris Kyle clarifies Obama’s propaganda lies as he is taking credit for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.   Admiral William McRaven, former Seal, then head of Joint Special Operations Command made the decision to take Osama out and Mit Romney certainly would have made the same call.   Obama’s stupid political commercial in which he alone is taking credit is sheer grandstanding for political gain.  Our military knows this but is forbidden to speak out against the Commander-and-Chief…those that have..have had their careers destroyed. Remember the speech to illegals in California in which Obama (Barry Sotero) said, “We will punish our enemies”? The EPA reportedly said they would “crucify the oil companies” and destroy coal mining. Harsh and very telling words…more like Il Duce in Facist Italy.  As a libertarian I am glad we are getting out of Afganistan….bring the soldiers home.   Re elect Obama and we will become embroiled in more wars.