DOJ Getting Squeezed

As Congress finally puts the squeeze on the DOJ (Fast and Furious),   heads are beginning to roll.   In anticipation of Congressional investigation,  DOJ Ron Weich resigns……with more fall guys to follow ….Eric Holder? ….hey, could Obama have known and even sanctioned???   The evil administration’s plan  that caused the death of a good  American  was for the DOJ to allow the sale of guns to known drug traffikers in the US…then track them across the border (yeah right) and ultimately pick up guns at crime scenes and identify them as originating in the US.   Just another screwball attempt by those against our gun rights to stage a false narrative to secure their own anti gun agenda, no matter the cost even to innocent human life…….When only the government have guns….then we are in real trouble.   Libertarians must not let this investigation into DOJ crimes against our own citizens, fall by the wayside.