Regardless of Repeal, Obamacare is Sinking Under its Own Weight


Re: “Repealing the Affordable Care Act would endanger Americans’ health,” Jan. 27 guest commentary. 

Nancy Pelosi, ProtectOurCare
Scott Applewhite, The Associated Press
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is joined by nurses from around the country during a press conference on Wednesday to urge protection of patients’ rights under the Affordable Care Act.

In her guest commentary about the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Diana DeGette first credits herself for co-authoring an unrelated biomedicine bill before launching into an attack against the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  However, she never acknowledges the elephant in the room, which is that Obamacare is sinking under its own weight and doomed anyway.  She also doesn’t mention that repeal includes the despised insurance mandate. Lastly, she takes Democratic ownership and discredits the Republicans for their intent to retain coverage of pre-existing conditions and dependent “children” under the age of 26. The ship is sinking while her base is nodding at debatable assertions supporting her worn-out point of view.  I only agree on her conclusion that a reliance on “alternative facts” is dangerous. Given the opportunity, we should repeal Obamacare and repair what we can later.

Smith Young, Parker

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