The Venezuela Tragedy Could Never Happen Here in the United States – a Video

Propaganda?  No, this very real.  OMG, could this be coming to a neighborhood near you thanks to Obama’s progressive policies that would be continued by Hillary with the generosity of the Clinton Foundation?

Venezuela is Latin America and this is the United States where such a tragedy could never happen, right?  This is a video about what happened to Venezuela, a wealthy nation with the potential to be very rich before the government took over.

A slow take over at first with a corrupt government (e.g., HUD officials and Obama appointed federal judges), unequal protection (protected classes), Chavez talking about legitimate problems e.g., income inequality (HUD’s definition of Racially/Ethnically-Concentrated Areas of Poverty, R/ECAP),  a message that resonated (promises  by Hillary and Bernie’s progressives), and later attacking the rich as unscrupulous business leaders

Venezuela, Caracasfollowed by confications and nationalizing private property, censorship (American Universities) and closing newspapers and TV channels.  Today there is no longer any opposition in Venezuela where a government could never have been taken over had it not at first been dominated by cronyism (like HUD).

The only time to have stopped what happened it Venezuela was early, like now for us in opposing HUD and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, AFFH.

1 comment for “The Venezuela Tragedy Could Never Happen Here in the United States – a Video

  1. Evelyn Zur
    September 22, 2016 at 12:36 AM

    It wasn’t so long ago, Obama was visiting Venezuela and it seemed like a love fest between Obama and Chavez…exchanging warmth and a book.
    Look at it now. SAD. People are reduced to eating Zoo animals to stay alive. Failure is everywhere these Marxist get their grubby hands on power. Do we have Marxist /communist/ socialist in US…. You Bet. They have ascended to power while we’ve been asleep, but we’re awake now. Take a look at Detroit……looks like Venezuela.

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