Ron Paul 2012 – Who Can You Trust?

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Description: Wouldn’t it be great if the first thing people asked themselves about their candidate is “Which one would I allow to watch my kids if I had to pick?”. So who can you trust? The guy who lies openly? The guy who cheats openly? Or the guy who get’s openly attacked for being honest while defending the Constitution and Liberty? Hmmmm? Isn’t it time to put Principles back Over Party? ——————————————————————————— Originally titled “All of this talk is just talk” by ClackForRonPaul. – Please go subscribe to his page and tell him Great Work! WHEN INJUSTICE BECOMES LAW, REVOLUTION BECOMES OUR? DUTY!” -THOMAS JEFFERSON Let Peace Win! Restore America Now – Ron Paul 2012 ——————————————————————————— Are you a Ron Paul supporter but not big on affiliating with the GOP or Tea Party? Please check out “The Ron Party” group on Facebook: The Ron Party is a place for people who believe Ron Paul is the best chance we have to restore constitutionality in America to rally around him under one name that cannot be confused or condemned for being anything other than what it states. The Ron Party is intended to create separation from the NeoCon Republican Party and Infiltrated “Tee” Party. We intend to help others see the clear choice to save the Republic by exposing the Establishment and it’s tactical control of both political parties. In a sense our mission is to create real

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