Entrepreneurs go West; consider new fields in the Marijuana Industry

The American spirit has prevailed once again (in spite of Obama’s federalism) to open the door for the adventurous and those courageous enough to put a stake in the ground and make a claim for themselves.  Consider Derek Peterson who ditched a $200K – $300K Wall Street job with Morgan Stanley to launch GrowOp Technology in May 2010 as a side business, selling “plug and play” mobile hydroponic trailers equipped with everything necessary to grow medical marijuana.

Rather than joining another Wall Street firm, Peterson decided to get serious about weed. Through one of GrowOp’s investors Peterson had the opportunity in February 2012 to merge with Terra Tech Corp., a publicly-traded firm that was getting out of the voice IP industry.

Read Derek’s answers to the following questions in an article posted in August.  The Huffington Post Small Business recently asked Peterson the following questions about what it’s like to go from Wall Street to weed.

Were you anxious leaving Wall Street to enter such a risky industry?

What did your peers on Wall Street think?

What Wall Street principles did you want to apply to the medical marijuana industry?

Was it difficult to break into a business in which the players weren’t necessarily familiar with these principles?

Besides the inside adjustments, do you feel the outside pressure of being in a controversial industry?

Are you motivated by personal as well as professional reasons?

What’s your vision for your company?

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