Chris Matthews Compares Ron Paul To Ross Perot Sizes Up Paul’s Chances As Third-Party Candidate

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Description: The Ron Paul presidential campaign of 2008 began in early 2007 when Congressman Ron Paul of Texas announced his candidacy for the 2008 Republican nomination for President of the United States. Initial opinion polls during the first three quarters of 2007 showed Ron Paul consistently receiving support from 3% or less of those polled. In 2008, Paul’s support among Republican voters remained in the single digits, and well behind front-runner John McCain. During the fourth quarter of 2007, Paul was the most successful Republican fundraiser, bringing in approximately $20 million. He also received the most money from the armed services of any candidate in the fourth quarter. Ron Paul’s campaign set two fund raising records: the largest single day donation total among Republican candidates and twice receiving the most money received via the Internet in a single day by any presidential candidate in American history. Paul’s run for president is also noted for its grassroots social networking, facilitated by the Internet. Ron Paul’s enthusiastic supporters were noted by the media, who called them ‘Paulites’. Paul receives most of his contributions from individuals, at ninety-seven percent; compare to other candidates. Visit The place for publishing and printing t-shirts & always free shipping. Become a channel sponsor for 30 days for $1/day Have any ad you want play in each video (any one video can go viral with tens-of-thousands of hits) Donate $1 to keep this