Catholic Father Andrew Kemberling condemns Socialism as anti-American
Message couldn’t be more clear.

“We know that social issues of today are being attacked.  “Not an issue between conservatives and liberal, Republicans and Democrats.  It’s an issue between Democracy and Socialism.  We know something about religous persecution, when liberties stops it’s a hallmark of Socialism.  It is not compatible with Christianity for at least two reasons, 1) personal choice (conscience and accountability), and 2) private property (allows us to be generous).  Socialists want to take these responsibilities away from us.  We believe that conscience and private property are not human ideas, they come from God.  Socialists do not accept Biblical truth, and natural truth from our creator, endowing us with life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, framed in our constitution.  Asks people to join in fight for religious liberty.  Socialism is a foreign threat to our Democracy.”




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