Big Brother’s eye in the sky

Big Brother’s eye in the sky.
Unmanned drones hover over our heads cataloguing if we separated our recyclables from the  garbage.
Drones buzzing over our homes, farms, ranches and businesses,
and spying on our every move is a clear violation of our 4th amendment  rights
And that needs to stop.  IMMEDIATELY
Crony capitalists who make these drones and sell them to the government for
hundreds of millions of dollars are joined at the hip with the supporters of the
surveillance state.

They feed Big Government’s desire to snoop on every
aspect of our lives in exchange for bleeding the taxpayers dry.
We should not be treated like criminals or terrorists for living our everyday
And we should not have our Fourth Amendment rights violated by
warrantless government spying.
Rand Paul introduced Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012.
Rand Paul 150x150 Big Brother’s eye in the skyThis bill:

Forces law enforcement to obtain a warrant
from a judge before dispatching
drones to fly over our property.

**      Forbids
the use of evidence illegally obtained by warrantless drone flights
being used in any criminal, civil or regulatory action.

**      Permits
citizens to sue the government
for any violations of this act.

**      Provides
for patrolling the border, to act in the case of imminent danger
to human life or high risk of a terrorist attack.