Fast and Furious Obama Gun Running

obama holderx large1 150x150 Fast and Furious Obama Gun RunningJust to get a perspective, this is bigger than Watergate.  At least in Watergate we did not end up with 2 dead bodies…Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry.  This administration is clearly  hiding the truth of their involvment in providing guns in the US  to known Mexican drug cartels as a set up to take away the 2nd amendment rights of Americans.   The plan…sell guns to known drug cartel here in the US and trace them across the border.  Then blame our 2nd amendment rights for gun running across the border.  Did this administration care that their stupid plan would go awry?   Probably not….the left and Obama always believe the end justifies the means.

Thank God for Darrell Issa and  the republicans and libertarians in Congress who demand the truth….and at last I think we will get the truth.