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Cut Corporate Rates and Boost Productivity and Wages


WSJ Commentary – Seeing Eye to Eye on Corporate Tax Cuts Trump and congressional Republicans agree: Boost productivity and wages by lowering corporate rates. By Martin Feldstein Dec. 12, 2016 Tax reform will be the major domestic policy issue of…

Lame Duck GOP Tax Reform—Just Not Yet


WSJ Opinion – GOP Tax Reform—Just Not Yet Republicans try to undermine their 2017 agenda. Dec. 2, 2016 Republicans say they want to clean up the tax code in 2017, but apparently they want to give the current code one…

Carrier Deal Fuels Debate on Incentives


Introduction by Smith Young “):” Making decisions based on rules such as: incentives, etc. > costs is too general for me. At a macro level I’m inclined to espouse principles such as promoting competition and negotiating what’s best for the…