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Marijuana May Be Helpful, VA Chief Says

Vets-weed or pills

WSJ – Veterans Affairs Chief Says Medical Marijuana Drawing Interest as Potential Treatment Dr. David Shulkin encouraged lawmakers to debate the potential benefits of the nation’s veterans using the drug. By Michael C. Bender May 31, 2017 Secretary of Veterans Affairs…

Obamacare Taxes Complicate Repeal


Repeal doesn’t need to be complicated.  Congress can simply vote on the 2015 Budget Reconciliation Bill that was vetoed by Obama, adding one line statement to repeal of Obamacare.  This WSJ article highlights debate issues but makes repeal more complicated than…

No preferred flavor of statism

jill stein

Jill Stein’s efforts are meant to benefit the Democratic Party. And we don’t play that kind of politics. Libertarian Party, – No preferred flavor of statism Nicholas Sarwark Chair, Libertarian National Committee December 26, 2016 in Executive Blog Dear Libertarian,…