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Obamacare Can Be Replaced by Something Better

No, ACA is not Here to Stay

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” The only thing missing is that the first priority is to repeal Obamacare, otherwise an excellent article. Denver Post – Yes, Obamacare Can Be Replaced by Something Better by Krista Kafer January 22, 2017 You…

The NAACP’s Disgrace


WSJ – The NAACP’s Disgrace The civil-rights group votes to keep minorities trapped in poverty. WSJ Editorial, Oct. 16, 2016 The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has a storied history, but many organizations outlive their moral purpose…

Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome


This author, Dorothy Rabinowitz, presumably a college educated woman represents that contingent of women voters who support Hillary and stick out like a sore thumb.  This editorial provides an insight into why.  Devoid of history and any reference to our…